Top 10 der Fehler bei .eu-Anmeldungen während Sunrise Periode I

20. Januar 2006 | Kategorien: Domains

Top 10 among common mistakes

Form mistakes
– Documentary evidence sent without or with a modified cover letter or with an unsigned cover letter.
– No indication of the language when the documentary evidence is couched in another language than the application.
– The bar code on the cover letter is not readable.

Content mistakes
– The domain name applicant does not match the name of the holder of the prior right.
– Extracts from commercial databases instead of from the official ones.
– The prior right belongs to a company, but the domain name is applied for by a natural person or a shareholder or vice versa.
– The prior right is based on an application for a trademark instead of its registration.
– The applicant does not prove that protection has been obtained in the state wherein protection has been Invoked for in the application.
– The domain name does not contain all characters from, or more characters than, the prior right name.
– Names in figurative trade marks don’t meet the
conditions for a domain name.

Quelle: EURid Newsletter No 4 final



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