Avery Dennison verliert Streit um Domainnamen

7. November 2005 | Kategorien: Allgemein

Raising the bar on trademark protection, a U.S. federal appeals court has ruled that the Avery and Dennison trademarks of the office products company Avery Dennison Corp. are not famous enough to prevent another company from registering them with the .net domain. […] To successfully claim trademark dilution, a company must prove that its trademark is famous, that the defendant is making a commercial use of the mark and that the use is likely to dilute the distinctive value of the trademark, among other things, the opinion said.

Quelle: CNN.com „Avery Dennison loses suit over trademark domains

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  1. stefan sagt:

    Interessantes Thema: Markenverwässerung durch Domains. Aber wenn ich dass richtig sehe, ist die Entscheidung von August 1999.


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